Friday, May 7, 2010

Speak Now, or Don't Complain

Alright my dears, Team Bodacity is just 5 weeks away from the Teton Dam Marathon Relay. This means we need to step up our training, work out our travel plans and start managing the details. On the left hand side of this blog you'll find links to the marathon as well as a course map and an elevation map. Now is your chance to volunteer for the leg of the race that you want to run. If you don't volunteer, you will be assigned one by me. (Because I can do that. Moo-wah-ah-ah!)

I've v0lunteered to be runner 2, this will be from miles 4-9 it's the leg with the biggest climbs and highest elevation.

Runner 1 - from the start to mile 4, this person will have to catch the shuttle bus to the starting line at Madison High School at 5:00am. The rest of us will meet you at the checkpoint in the official team vehicle. So bear that in mind if you volunteer for this leg. This is a pretty flat leg though, after a small climb at the very beginning and a little climb into the exchange area.

Runner 3 - Miles 9-13, this runner probbly has the most downhill in their run. That may sound fantastic, but running downhill can trash your quads really fast, so if you're not used to it, you may want to leave that to someone who is.

Runner 4 - Probably the flattest portion of the race with a slight downhill grade over miles 13-17. The downhill is so gradual, it shouldn't bother you though.

Runner 5 - Miles 17-21, a slight climb at the first and a few rolling hills, but otherwise, a pretty steady four mile.

Runner 6 - Miles 21-26, this is the person who will bring us home. This is also a five mile leg as opposed to four, so whoever takes this one needs to be prepared to do five. The topography on the elevation chart doesn't look too bad, a couple of hills, a little downhill at the end, but nothing that should cause problems. We need someone who can maintain a pretty good pace and give us a strong finish.

As for a team vehicle, I was thinking that we could use the jeep since there will only be 5 of us in it at a time (and since Shiloh's bus will probably be needed to transport or cheering squad, aka the kiddos to the finish line) and we can take turns driving to the next checkpoint. We need to make some killer signs for it though!

Let's remember that we're all in this together and they only count the overall team time, so we all want to do our very best and put in the best run we can as a team.

Okay so on that note I'll let you all go back to working and sweating.

Love you!